The Flag Flyer Company

The flag flyers parating in pageants were initially two for each quarter of the settlement after the revival of the ancient tradition of the so called “Balestro del Girifalco”. This number was extended to twelve later, giving birth to the Compagnia Sbandieratori of Società dei Terzieri Massetani. In 1966 ( year of the foundation in San Marino) it was one of the charter member of the Italian Federation of the Ancient Games and Sport of Flag (F.I.Sb.).

The primate activity of the Company is to operate in the context of the “Balestro del Girifalco”. Other important participations are the one to the Italian Flag Championship and to lots of other tournaments, where it boasts about several affirmations. It also performs exhibitions on demand.

The Company is composed by nearly 40 members ( Banner Carriers, Flag Flyers and Musicians) who wear medieval dresses. Each exhibition lasts about 30 minutes and consists in solo performance, double performance, small team and big team performances. The whole show is accompanied by the rhythm of drums and clarion’s blast, all surrounded by choreographic spectacles. It holds the “Trofeo della Bandiera CittĂ  di Massa Marittima”, the local trophy of flags. It has participated to lots of important historical events: these are folklorist demonstrations all around Italy and foreign countries, which achieve nowadays the order of one hundred attendances. This fact confers popularity all over the world.

As to demonstrate it, here there are some examples of the most significant transfers: Japan ( 1997-2000); Singapore (1998-1999); Bosnia (1998); Malta (1999); Corsica (1999); Spain (1999-2005-2007); Israel (1999); France (2000-2001-2002-2003); Scotland (2000); Turkey (2001); Germany (2001-2003-2005-2007); Luxembourg (2002); Fiume-Pola (2002); Switzerland (2005).

On February 10th, 2006 it took part to the opening of the Twentieth Winter Olympics (Turin, 2006) together with other associated groups of F.I.Sb.

There are many striking sporting demonstrations of the Company’s great quality during the competitions among different Companies affiliated to F.I.Sb. and in Italian Championships organized by the Federation itself. We just mention the performances in which the local Flag Flyers won the so called Victory Palm.

1981 – Trofeo Arengo-Zuenelli di Bologna
1982 – Trofeo CittĂ  di Massa Marittima
1984 – Trofeo CittĂ  di Massa Marittima
1984 – Titolo di Campione d’Italia nella categoria “Grande Squadra” a Volterra
1990 – Trofeo Mazzocco a Firenze
1991 – Torneo Nazionale ad Alba (Cuneo)
1995 – Astiludio di Volterra
1995 – Trofeo Guercino di Cento (Ferrara)
1997 – Trofeo Castello di Suvereto (Livorno)
1998/1999 – Trofeo Interprovinciale di Viterbo
2000 – Titolo di Campione d’Italia nella categoria “Coppia Tradizionale” a Massa Marittima
2003 – Trofeo Mazzocco a Firenze
2003 – Trofeo Bandiera a Piansiano (Viterbo)
2004 – Astiludio di Volterra
2005 – 1° Campionato Toscano Sbandieratori e Musici (Cerreto Guidi)
2005 – Campionati F.I.Sb. cat. A2 (Asti)
2006 – 2° Campionato Toscano Sbandieratori e Musici (Cerreto Guidi)
2007 – Trofeo Aquila Bianca (Ferrara Borgo San Giacomo)
2007 – Astiludio di Volterra
2009 – 4° Campionato Toscano Sbandieratori e Musici (Cerreto Guidi)
2009 – Tenzone Argentea Fabriano: 1° classificata cat. Coppia tradizionale Noci-Pettorali
2010 – 5° Campionato Toscano Sbandieratori e Musici (Cerreto Guidi)
2010 – Campionati Assoluti Categoria Tenzone Argentea (A2) Rubiera (Reggio Emilia)