About Us

In the attempt to recall the ancient tradition of the exercise of the crossbow, together with the reconstitution of the Terzieri of Borgo (Suburb), Cittanuova (New part of the City) and Cittavecchia (Old part of the City), the Society of the Terzieri Massetani was founded in 1959.

The Society, that in 1965 joined the Italian Federation of Crossbowmen (F.I.B.), organizes every year a competition between the Terzieri. This competition takes the name of “Balestro del Girifalco”. The name derives from the used arm, the crossbow, and from the target that represents a girifalco, a bird symbolizing the enemy. The Balestro is held on the 4th Sunday of May and on the 2nd Sunday of August.

The Balestro of May is dedicated to Saint Bernardino of the Albizzeschi, better known with the name of Saint Bernardino from Siena, who was born in Massa Marittima on 8th September 1380.

Instead The Balestro of August remembers the constitution of the Free City which was signed on 31st July 1225.